What is convergence II?

CONVERGENCE II is an artistic, socially dynamic, event-based project that works with the neighborhood’s community members to produce meaningful events around the ever-changing landscape that is Oak Park. CONVERGENCE II was a series of live-event performances titled, “Genesis,” “The Spirit,” “Convergence-Hello” at two important locations in Oak Park, including The Brickhouse Gallery and Art Complex and the Guild Theater. It featured historical photos with music and sound bites of oral histories from local, long-time Oak Park residents. Each event included interviews and discussions about the project. Convergence II will result in a series of short films that will serve as a small aid to the complex, exciting, and oft troubling history of Oak Park in particular and of the ever-changing landscape of cities as witnessed here in Sacramento and throughout United States.

The Grant

MôD Artists, Recipient of $19,000

Sacramento Region Community Foundation Grant

MôD Artists won the “Transforming the Creative Economy” grant for $19,900.00 from the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to support a project, CONVERGENCE II in late 2017. VITA Academy, the host non-profit for the grant, enlist ed MôD Artists in collaboration with Barbara Range, curator and owner of Oak Park’s Brickhouse Gallery, and member of Oak Park Business Association, and film maker Lauren Wagner to create a series of multi-disciplinary events through original music, art, dance, oral histories, and film culminating in a collection of documentary shorts of the history of Oak Park titled, CONVERGENCE II.